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A couple of days before the summer holiday starts... Kanzaki Shuuichi receives a “cursed Blu-ray disc” from one of his friends.

Playing it at home, a female ghost emerges and possesses him. Sairenji Murasaki, Shuuichi’s childhood friend, expels the evil spirit with the exorcism skills taught by her father, who runs a time-honored Japanese Buddhist shrine. The ritual, however, is only partially successful, somehow leaving behind the physical human form of the female specter.

She identifies herself as Mikanagi Chiyako, seemingly the girl who was murdered in the video recorded on the Blu-ray disc, and tells Shuuichi and Murasaki about her situation.

"There are six other girls inside me."

Murasaki explains that a ghost is only allowed to exist for forty-nine days in this world, meaning the seven girls can each have seven days. Shuuichi then makes up his mind to assist all of them in spending their remaining days without any regrets and passing away in happiness.

Shuuichi, however, does not realize what will happen to him later. He does not realize that he will have to see each of the seven girls depart from him.


Mikanagi Chiyako
Voice: Uesaka Sumire
Age at Death: 17
Date of Birth: November 1
Blood Type: A

Chiyako (nickname "Chako") is the true identity of the ghost from the cursed Blu-ray disc. She accidentally regains a physical human body as a result of Murasaki’s imperfect exorcism only removing her grudges. Chiyako is such mild-mannered, polite, and downright kind spirit that you wouldn’t even imagine her to be an evil spirit in any way. She has a scar on the right side of her forehead and has lost sight in her right eye, whose color is different from her left one. Shuuichi applies a bandage around her right eye so that she can stop feeling embarrassed about the eye color, after which the bandage becomes her treasure. Her wearing a hospital gown could have something to do with the reason why she turned into an evil ghost… And the reason why there are six other girls stuck inside her body.

Kutsuna Sakura
Voice: Kiritani Choucho
Age at Death: 7
Date of Birth: January 4
Blood Type: A

Sakura is one of the ghost girls who possessed Chiyako, and the first victim of the "Spirited Away" incident. She was born and raised in a farm village family. Her infinite patience makes her the most dependable of the seven girls. When alive, she could not eat as much as she wanted, because her family was large yet poor, and she would have to restrain her appetite to feed her younger siblings. Hence, food in her range sometimes vanishes into thin air instantly.

Tsukinoki Kotoha
Voice: Aranami Kazusa
Age at Death: 9
Date of Birth: March 5
Blood Type: B

Kotoha is one of the ghost girls who possessed Chiyako, and the fifth victim of the Spirited Away incident. Born and raised in a rich family, she is slightly self-centered yet gentle at heart, terrified of being alone, and a bit of a jealous type. She finds it difficult to wear her heart on her sleeve and tends to be harsh toward others. Her emotions fluctuate easily due to her anxieties, but deep down she seeks kindness.

Takanashi Mari
Voice: Fujita Masayo
Age at Death: 8
Date of Birth: July 2
Blood Type: A

Mari is one of the ghost girls who possessed Chiyako, and the second victim of the Spirited Away incident. She overflows with energy, laughs a lot, and has a habit of saying “Crazy!”. She just can’t stop jumping and milling around. Everyone sees her as a freewheeling noisemaker, but they love her despite those qualities. On the other hand, she can't interact well with Shuuichi’s mother due to some bad memories of her own mother. She considers herself a boy for a very specific reason.

Doumeki Ichiru
Voice: Shimizu Ayaka
Age at Death: 8
Date of Birth: August 29
Blood Type: O

Ichiru (nickname: "Icchan") is one of the ghost girls who possessed Chiyako, and the third victim of the Spirited Away incident. She hates to lose, talks rough, and completely looks like a delinquent student. She may act rough, but is very considerate and selfless at heart. She is quite attracted to mischief and demands cigarettes, but instead holds a candy cigarette because no one can buy her real ones and Chiyoko does not think well of them.

Tsukumo Shizuku
Voice: Toda Megumi
Age at Death: 8
Date of Birth: November 17
Blood Type: AB

Shizuku is one of the ghost girls who possessed Chiyako, and the sixth victim of the Spirited Away incident. Behind her spaced-out, expressionless face is the brain of a genius with incredible comprehension and concentration. She is tight-lipped and a slow talker, but sometimes hits the nail right on the head. Her thirst for knowledge is so strong that once she is focused on something, she will not budge an inch. Though only vaguely, she seems to remember something about the Spirited Away incident that brought death to the seven girls including herself.

Shikima Nene
Voice: Shimizu Ai
Age at Death: 10
Date of Birth: April 22
Blood Type: AB

Nene is one of the ghost girls who possessed Chiyako, and the fourth victim of the Spirited Away incident. She has considerable interest in the sexual passion between men and women because of her mother, and herself being force-ripe. Without any romantic experiences throughout her lifetime, she demands some with Shuuichi so daringly as to embarrass Chiyako.

Sairenji Murasaki
Voice: Oohashi Ayuru
Age: 18
Date of Birth: June 3
Blood Type: AB

Murasaki is Shuuichi’s childhood friend. A third year in high school. Alive. She gives you the impression of a quiet and expressionless girl, but she is always concerned about Shuuichi. Born and raised in a family with a long history of running a Buddhist temple, she is deeply familiar with the occult, which may be a reason for her to suddenly come out with startling remarks. As a child, she horrified Shuuichi when she was talking alone in his bathroom.

Kanzaki Mitsuki
Voice: Maruyama Miki
Age: —
Date of Birth: September 9
Blood Type: A

Mitsuki is Shuiichi’s mother. A nurse. She is a woman of mettle who has brought Shuiichi up on her own and is loved by everyone. She catches on quick but sometimes rushes to conclusions with weird results. She loves her deceased husband very much even now.

Kinokuniya Masaru
Voice: Urata Wataru
Age: 17
Date of Birth: October 13
Blood Type: B

Masaru is a friend of Shuuichi’s and a bad influence. He's a weirdo who talks like an idiot but cherishes his friendships. Information is his expertise and that occasionally helps Shuuichi out.

His shirt says "Fresh out of Maintenance". What's that about?