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In the woods not far from the city lies a school called the 'Miniature Garden.'
In keeping with the school's name, an original 'Miniature Festival' is held there every three years.
There's a rumor that an unnatural death will befall someone on the night of the festival.
This year, as the sun sets, Yasunari and four other students find themselves trapped alone in the school on the night of the festival.
Is it just a mistake, or could the rumors be true?

Art by Korie Riko (Lump of Sugar)
Opening theme "Miniature Garden" performed by Kanade Nakoto (Lump of Sugar)



The protagonist

Igusa Yasunari
Usually looking rough and nonchalant, Yasunari is not that difficult to deal with in reality. While he is responsible enough to do whatever is expected of him, he overlooks details so often that many consider him careless.

When he is with Ayana, his childhood friend, they talk like a long-married couple. Ever since he encountered Rio in school on the even of the Miniature Festival, he has not able to take her off of his mind.

Silver-haired little girl

Komiya Rio
voice: Hidaka Rina
"......You should work on facing reality a little more."

The little girl of whom Yasunari caught sight near the fountain. Rio is an even-tempered, serious girl with a dislike for lame jokes.

Every move she makes gives an impression that she has some greater hidden objective in mind.

Rio is into creepy cute things, giving her a rather strange sense of taste. She rejects all attempts to pry into her life.

A childhood friend who lost her memories

Sakura Ayana
voice: Numakura Manami
"If that actually happens tomorrow, and I turn out to be the victim, what would you do?"

Yasunari's childhood friend. Ayana is a clement, amiable girl who acts the same toward everyone. She is such a busybody that she's often butting in on Yasunari's behaviors.

She's missing her memory until her elementary school years, and the cause of is unclear even now. She has a little bit of pediophobia.

A simple and innocent underclassman

Shibaya Sumika
voice: Tokui Sora

Sumika is a friendly girl, the only first-year in the group. Without no concern for the age difference, she is getting along splendidly with Yasunari, often exchanging comical dialogue with him.

Truth be told, Yasunari does not remember when it was that he first met her, although he is nonchalant about it and hangs out with her like they have known each other forever.

Best Friend

Orimoto Itsuki
voice: Kakihara Tetsuya
"Man, you're definitely not a romantic, Yasunari. It's cooler for guys to dream big, you know."

Yasunari's best friend in high school. The polar opposite of him, Itsuki is cheerful and easygoing. The two boys can undertand each other without exchanging words.

He decided to enter the school fueled with a strong interest in the school's seven wonders and its fabled Miniature Festival.