New formations to devastate your enemies!!

New formation

A general-use multi-directional formation!
QP Shooting's formations have returned!
Each formation has a unique range, pattern, power, and speed!
There are even entirely new ones!
New formation

And more new formations unrevealed...!?

A dangerous new mode! Conquest Mode!

Save your data with each stage cleared!
Then, you can continue where you left off and keep your score, lives, and Rbits!

You can even replay stages you already beat!
Use it to dominate every aspect of each stage, from start to finish!

Upgraded Hyper System!!

Orthodox Hyper Mode.
A balanced mode with average power and Hyper duration!
Aggressive Hyper Mode
A high-power mode, but with the drawback of short Hypers!
A long-lasting Hyper mode!
This one's Defensive!

For dedicated players! Trophy System!

You can get trophies by achieving certain requirements!
You can get them in various game modes and difficulties, too!
To see your obtained trophies, visit the Rbit Room!
Build a reputation you can be proud of!
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