Ver 1.1 2015/10/21
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Thank you for purchasing 200% Mixed Juice.
Please read the manual so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

*System Requirements

-Operating System
Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Intel CPU Series 2.0GHz or above

Over 512M (Above OS recommendations)

A card with 256MB VRAM or above,
capable of fully running DirectX 9 or above

A DirectSound-compatible soundcard

There may be cases in which the game may not properly run even if system requirements are met.
Furthermore, the above requirements are simply for reference and there may be cases where the game may run even if the requirements have not been met.

*Save Data Location

Save data will be saved under "My Documents/Fruitbat Factory/200% Mixed Juice!"
This folder will remain after uninstalling the game. Please delete it manually if it is not needed anymore.

*Main Menu

-New Game
Start the game from the beginning

-Load Game
Continue the game from a saved file.

Battle other players online.
Refer to "Multiplayer" for more detailed information.

Change in-game settings.
Refer to "Game Options" for more detailed information.

-Exit Game
Closes the game.

*Game Options

Configure game settings from the Settings menu on the main menu.

-BGM Volume
Adjust BGM volume.

-Sound Volume
Adjust sound effect volume.

Map both keyboard assignations and buttons on the game controller.
Please refer to "Controls" for more detailed information.

*Save Data

Game data is saved automatically.
Data is saved on the slot which was chosen when selecting New Game or Load Game,
so there is no need for the player to manually save.


You may control the game via either a gamepad or keyboard.
Button configuration settings may be found in the Settings menu.

Default Keys In-game Controls
Up,Down,Left,Right Cursor movement
Z Decide
X Cancel
Esc Pause
Left Ctrl Fast-forward
Page Up Scroll up
Page Down Scroll down
Home Scroll to top
End Scroll to end

*How to Play

The game consists of cutscenes, map phases, and battle phases.
Please move to the appropriate location to progress the story, which can be discovered from information during cutscenes.
You may also re-visit locations you have been to before to battle enemies again in order to prepare for stronger enemies.

Cutscenes Map Phase Battle Phase


You can obtain new allies by getting new cards.
Cards can be obtained by progressing the story or purchasing them from an in-game vending machine.
There are two types of cards.

-Character Card
These are cards that can participate in Battle.
Detailed information on their abilities is written below.
They become stronger as they gain experience in battle.
The maximum level is 30.

Rarity Displays the rarity of the card.
Type Displays the card type. There are three types: Power, Speed, and Technique.
HP When this value drops to 0 from damage, the character faints.
Attack This value affects the damage dealt to the opponent.
Defense This value affects how much damage is decreased when attacked by the opponent.
Dexterity This value affects the accuracy of attacks.
Speed This value affects the character's evasion.
Luck This value affects an attack's critical rate.

-Item Card
The purpose of these cards is unknown.
It may be revealed as the story progresses.


As the story progresses, you will obtain access to a vending machine called "Mixdus".
You will not be able to tell which card you will receive when using it.
The types of cards that you have access to will increase as the story progresses.
There may be very rare cards in the machine that rarely come out.


*Battle Phase

As you progress in the story, you will encounter enemies and battle them!
Matches are 1 vs 1, and the team that first eliminates all members of the opponent's team wins.
In case of a tie, the player loses.

Below is a description of the flow of battle.

1. Select a character

If there is nobody on the field, you select a character from your party to enter the field.

2. Dice Roll (Gain SP)

By rolling dice, you gain SP equivalent to the number on the dice. SP is used for skills.
Each team starts the battle with 3 SP.
SP does not carry over to the next battle.

3. Actions

An action must be selected each turn.
There are skills that all characters share,
and skills specific to each character.
Common skills do not expend SP.
Common skills are listed below.

Switch Switch with another character.
Defend Defend for the turn, reducing damage taken.
Evade Focus on evasion for the turn, increasing evasion rate.
A successful evasion allows you to avoid all damage.

4. Turns

Each player's character takes an action during a turn.
First move priority is based on the type of action taken. The priority levels are listed below.

Switch > Defend > Evade > Boost > Debuff > Support > Disrupt > Recover > Single Hit > Bullet Rain > Close Combat
If both characters take the same type of action, both act at the same time.

The priority list is very crucial (especially the last three). Remembering it would be very helpful.
If a character's HP drops to 0 after an action, that character will faint.

5. End of Battle

When you win a battle, you will gain EXP and Stars (money).
The same amount of EXP goes to all characters, even if fainted.
If you lost, it will count as a game over and you will return to the main menu.


"Skills" refer to commands that characters are able to use.
You can confirm the specifics of each skill by select "View Cards" while on the map screen.

1. List of skills that can be used.
2. The amount of SP each skill expends.
3. The skill's type and descriptive text.

New skills may be learned, or current skills may change when a character levels up.
Don't forget to check your skills every once in a while.

-Skill Types
The types of skills are listed below.

Boost Increases one's own stats.
Debuff Decreases opponent's stats.
Support Enhances self with special effects.
Disrupt Applies a negative status effect to the opponent.
Recover Recovers own HP.
Single Hit "Single Hit" type attack. Amongst the attack types, it has the highest priority, but somewhat low accuracy.
Bullet Rain "Bullet Rain" type attack. A low power attack with very high accuracy.
Close Combat "Close Combat" type attack. You will always move last, but many attacks of this type are powerful.
Automatic Certain skills will activate their effect when specific conditions are met.

-Type Properties
Some types of attacks are more effective than others against specific types of characters.
If more effective, they will deal more damage and have higher accuracy, and the opposite if ineffective.
Attack type effectiveness against each character type is listed below.

Power Speed Technique
Close Combat Neutral Strong Weak
Single Hit Weak Neutral Strong
Bullet Rain Strong Weak Neutral

-Type Icon
Character types and attack types are represented by rock paper scissor icons.
Use these icons as a reference to the effectiveness of each attack.

Close Combat
Single Hit
Bullet Rain

-Critical Hits
Damage from attacks can also increase from critical hits.
When a critical hit occurs, a higher pitched sound effect is used.
Critical hit relies on "Luck" and the rate differs for each skill.


You can battle other players online.
You may access multiplayer mode after obtaining 3 unique character cards.

-Multiplayer Tiers
You may select from five tiers when in multiplayer.

Level 1 Tier Battle with characters at level 1 only.
If characters are higher than level 1, they will be scaled down to level 1.
Level 5 Tier Battle with characters at level 5 or lower.
If characters are higher than level 5, they will be scaled down to level 5.
Level 10 Tier Battle with characters at level 10 or lower.
If characters are higher than level 10, they will be scaled down to level 10.
Level 20 Tier Battle with characters at level 20 or lower.
If characters are higher than level 20, they will be scaled down to level 20.
Free Tier Battle without level limits.

Select tiers based on the growth of your characters.
Depending on how characters' stats grow or new skills are learned,
results may different based on tier even during a mirror match.

In addition, you can limit cards by rarity.
The options are Common, Uncommon, Rare or Free (any rarity).
When one of these is selected, you can use cards up to the selected rarity.

Multiplayer games are played under your own responsibility.


Some questions that may come up during gameplay will be answered here.

Q. How do I carry over my save data to a new game?
You may carry over save data when you clear a game (cards, level, stars)
and start again from the beginning.
From the main menu, select in this order: "New Game"-"Clear"-"Use clear game data? (Yes)"

Q. I want to reset my save data.
You may reset your save data by manually deleting the save files automatically created.
(Please refer to "Save Data Location" for specific location.

game.cfg Game Settings
slot0X.sav Save data for each save slot
network.sav Multiplayer Data
netcfg.ini Multiplayer Settings

Q. The game does not run. It crashes at a certain point.
The game will not run unless DirectX is installed.
Please try the following steps.
-Update DirectX to the latest version.
-Update your hardware drivers.
-Reconfigure your hardware (especially video card) settings.
For example, changing your video card settings from "High Quality" to "High Performance" may make the game run faster.
However, there are some video cards without these settings.
-Close other programs.

-Restart your computer.

-Test different compatibility settings.

-Update your OS.
Q. I don't understand system requirements.
PCs purchased from the past 3~4 years should run the game without any issues.
However, laptops and PCs from certain manufacturers may not be able to run the game.
If it does not run properly, visit the manufacturer's website and search for the latest drivers.
There may also be cases where the game may not run because of newer updates (especially for video cards),
in such a case please check if the manufacturer has provided a solution.
There may be situations where it is a software issue, independent of the PC,
so if you cannot manage a solution, please contact support.


We will provide as much support as possible. If your game does not run properly, contact support.
Furthermore, there are many kinds of Windows environments,
so we may not be able to provide support for every user.
We also appreciate any comments or opinions.

Websitehttp://fruitbatfactory.comFruitbat Factory website
e-mailsupport@fruitbatfactory.comSupport e-mail

*Resource Credits

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The rights of this game belong to Orange Juice and Fruitbat Factory.
It is forbidden to modify or copy and distribute this game and its data to third parties.
You may freely post screenshots or information for guides.