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The original soundtrack of "99 Spirits", including the full version of theme song "Ken-Shi-Ai-Den", a special medley and Japanese rock tracks. Includes a total of 17 tracks and a four-page booklet with new illustrations.

Composed, Written and Arranged by Yoshiyuki Obi
Sung by Karen Tachibana
Developed by TORaIKI
Licenced and localized by Fruitbat Factory


99 Spirits OST Crossfade Sample (14.7MB)

You can buy the soundtrack here.

Track List

  1. All is Void ~Title Screen~
  2. Peaceful and Tranquil ~Theme of Heian Capital~
  3. On the Move ~Theme of the Fields~
  4. Veteran Fighter ~Normal Battles~
  5. Crushing Evil and Spreading the Truth ~Boss Battles~
  6. Utopia ~Mild~
  7. Simple and Innocent ~Comical~
  8. Crying in Sorrow ~Sad~
  9. Jealousy and Bias ~Disquiet~
  10. Storm and Urge ~Urgent~
  11. Pain of Separation ~Lonely~
  12. Mysterious Fiend ~Tough Enemy Battle~
  13. Mysterious Fiend ~Tough Enemy Battle, Dropped Ver.~
  14. Crushing Evil/Absolute ~Last Boss Battle~
  15. Crushing Evil/Absolute ~Last Boss Battle, Dropped Ver.~
  16. Ken-Shi-Ai-Den ~Ending Theme~
  17. Earthshaking Event ~Special Track for the OST~