There’s no such thing as a limit. You can still fight!!

The Third Installement of the War of the Human Tanks Series
In the world of "Japon," a land not unlike modern Japan, "Human Tanks" are used as instruments of unending warfare. But now, due to the disappearance of the radiotoxic particles, the human tanks' fuel source, their era is approaching its end. At a time when the Human Tanks are ceasing to function one by one, their last battle is about to begin.

You can even enjoy the adventure without having played the previous installments.

Discover the enemy! Self-Destruct! Tactical Simulation!

Lead the Human Tanks and accomplish your mission!
This strategy game allows you to take control of the "Human Tanks," tanks in the form of humans, and fight the enemy army's opposing forces. Differing from many other strategy games, in this game, if your unit is hit even once, it's an instant death! Furthermore, enemy units remain invisible until you approach their vicinity. Discover the enemy and bring them down!

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