Sound of the Human Tanks - LO

Sound of the Human Tanks - LO has 13 tracks of new game music from War of the Human Tanks - Limited Operations. Music by DeZI:R,, Kan (Raspberry), Mai.k and Yuukiyun (Mel maH).

Sound of the Human Tanks: LO can be purchased from here.

Track List

  1. FeelingSKY
  2. mm2100[nv] (Track377e)
  3. LaLaLaLaLaLa (Track287g)
  4. Tsuki Kagerou
  5. httlo Gu (Track378d)
  6. mm2100 (Track377d)
  7. shaking body[no body] (Track372b)
  8. LaLaLaLaLa (Track287e)
  9. Nature's Beauty
  10. FeelingSKY off vocal ver.
  11. Tsuki Kagerou off vocal ver.
  12. Nature's Beauty off vocal ver.
  13. bonus. tmh T.F.Remix (Track290f)

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