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About the game Sora
Sora is a stage-clearing, high-speed shooter. To defeat the boss in each stage, you use 'dash' to evade enemy attacks and fire off your favorite weapons.
This is the way to take enemies down.
You're allowed to equip yourself with three different weapons.
More weapons will become available by meeting certain conditions.

There are three weapon slots called Main, Sub and Special.
Each slot has multiple weapons that you can only set in there.
Find out the best combination of weaponry that fits each stage and your gameplay style.
Weapon Selection Screen
Hyper Attack
Each weapon has its own powerful attack.
One hyper attack consumes one charge of the hyper gauge.
The gauge charges when attacking enemies or letting enemy attacks through dash rings.
Every hyper attack activates a temporary shield around you.
Hyper Attack
Most of the weapons make you vulnerable while being fired.
You can cancel it by dashing or firing another weapon.
The Timing of Cancellation
Dash is the most unique feature of the game.
Dashing allows you to pass through beam attacks,
producing rings required for charging the hyper gauge.
Take note that the heat valuge goes up while dashing.

The heat value
The heat value increases when you dash or cancel.
The greater the value of the gauge, the greater the damage you take from enemy attacks.
The Hyper Gauge Fills by Leading Enemy Attacks through Rings
The shield is activated when you shoot a hyper attack, fire some weapons, or get hit by enemy attacks.
The shield makes you invincible against every kind of enemy attack.
Since the shield activated by the use of a hyper atatck lasts longer than the other ones,
you're advised to use it to get out of a pinch.
The Hyper Shield Puts You in A Long Invincible State

Master all the features above and make your battles look fantastic.
You can save a replay if you like the gameplay.

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