Lets play War of the Human Tanks

Chapter 3: 'The Aoba Troop Did Their Best'

This is a brave story of the Human Tanks who valiantly challenged the undefeated 'Armored Train' and perished---

So! I'm going to play episode 3 this time.
I think I learned how to fight from the last two battles, so I should be able to do better in this episode.
The motto is 'let's quickly wrap up the episode!'.

An opening video.
"Let my wish reach there~♪ Let it make it far away~♪"
I'm getting used to this song.
Okay then, I'll skip the footage!

Looks like I'm gonna have to fight an armored train. Isn't this subtitle too straightforward?
...Uh, I just remembered something.
Since Kurara Iikura made an appearance in the previous episode, I was going to check if she was in the opening video for the current episode.
Whatever... It's too late now. I'll just find out next time.

"Nearly a month has now passed..."
Oh, time flew by in a blink of an eye.
Seems like this episode begins at Shoutaro's house (military post?).

Choko's working in the Human Tank hangar down in the basement.
Satou shows up, and the two girls reaffirm that they have the same military rank.
Speaking of which, I just noticed something...

Doesn't Choko's armband say '妹(Little Sister)?
What kind of rank is that!?
Jeez, this game does have a lot of confusing details to point out.

...Haha, I never expected this kind of dialogue.
Of course, Captain refers to Shoutaro, our protagonist.
 Shoutaro "I'm so sorry."
 Satou "You're not forgiven."
And then---

As a punishment, he gets hung from the ceiling.
And eventually, as ordered by the HQ, they all head to the next battlefield, 'Castle Matsumoto Connecting Line'.
The supply line appears to link the Royal Capital and Castle Matsumoto, in which the biggest enemy regiment is currently staying.
The mission agenda says: "occupy the railroad and cut their supply line".
Things really move fast in this game.

And we arrive at the connecting line.
Guess I'll save my breath and ignore all these houses I can see in the background image.


I think I just heard a train whistle...
Hold on a minute, the armored train is a Human Tank?

Without getting any answers to my question, I'm moving into the combat phase.

Here comes another tutorial.
"Once you've discovered an enemy tank, click on it and check its sight range."
Yeah, I knew it.
This should've been mentioned before the episode 2 battle, shouldn't it?

"We've got a new tank."
As soon as I entered this Battle Preparation screen, I heard Choko's voice.
And that reminded me that I began some development earlier.
Let's see if I really get to assemble the new tank.

Look! Now I can assemble Aoba!
She's also an assault tank, which means that she's the same type as Asahi, which was (almost) very useful during the previous combat.
Asahi and Aoba, I wonder what's the difference between them?
Ah, it's SPEED. Aoba's SPEED is one point faster than Asahi's.
But what's that mean here? Is it how fast a Human Tank can move?
MOVE seems to mean how many hexes a Human Tank can move in a turn... I guess these two attributes are related to each other in some way.
All right, let's assemble some.

During the previous battle, Asahi was confirmed to be a handy unit.
Then Aoba should be the same since she's an assault type as well.

Assemble, assemble, assemble, assemble, assemble, assemble, assemble, and assemble...
Deploy, deploy, deploy, deploy, deploy, deploy, deploy, deploy, and deploy...

My Aoba troop was just born.

Ahahaha, that's quite a nice view.
The front line is filled with Aobas. I built as many Aobas as supplies allowed me to.
I'm sure nobody can beat them.
Commencing operation.

"Are you ready to sortie?" Sure am!

The loading screen. I think I've heard this music somewhere else before.
Without being able to recall it, the screen disappears.

And the battle begins!

The battlefield looks much wider than episode 2.
Actually its shape is so weird.

First off, I'm advancing the Aobas.
As their SPEED is 3, they clearly have turns faster than the Asahi.
Moving them upward one after another.

Enemy unit "You're in my way."

Aoba "Uwaah!"
=> *Kaboom!*

That enemy unit was so nearby!
But losing just one Aoba doesn't make me upset at all.
You know, this is the kind of game this is.

I'll attack too.

Aoba "There!"

Enemy Unit "It didn't hurt at all!"
=> *Kabooom*!

With this many Aobas on my side, even if I get attacked I can counterattack very quickly. By the way, as for the last words of the enemy unit Yako, I'm pretty sure she lied. That had to hurt.

As I'm thinking that, another enemy tank shows up...
That's too fast!

Piko-Piko "I don't wanna die!"

Looks like the unit was a self-destructing type.
Within just a minute of starting, I lost two Aobas already.
Isn't the game too fast-paced?

Even though I lost several units, so did the opponent's forces.
Let's just find their Command tank and take her down already.
In a sense, this could be a battle against time.
And I'm moving my tanks upward.


What is that big-ass thing!?

Aha, that must be the armored train!
I don't know how to describe it, but...
It's got five faces!


Aoba "There!"

Whatever shape it has, all I have to do is take it down.

Armored Train "Pushuuuu!"

All right, that really is huge, but seems to be yet another Human Tank after all; I can attack it like I do to any other.

Wait, what?

The battle isn't over yet.

Why not?

One, two, three, four............
Do you mean I have to attack it ten times to kill it!?

The part of the train I just attacked has been marked X.
Does that mean I'm supposed to mark X on all over the train body?

This is bad.

I guess this is gonna be a tough battle.


Take this!


Okay, I got three of them!
Just three, though!

Just how many more turns will I need to beat this thing down?
Anyhow, I still have a lot of Aobas left.
I'll keep attacking! I've got a massive number of tanks! Do nothing but attack!

Phew, now I've got five of them.
I guess I'm looking kinda good.


Armored Train "Dododoooon"

After I heard something like a weird-ass voice, the train focused on.
No, wait a minute.

What's with these red blocks!

Aoba A "Kyaaah!"
Aoba B "Uwaah!"


Um, well......
The thing is, the train took two Aobas down with one shot.

Dangerous. That armored train is dangerous.
Just one shot covers five blocks.
How many blocks does the train have alive!?
Errr, five? Five blocks left alive?
And I've got four Aoba left.
All right then, I'm completely killing it before it can make any more attacks! I can totally do it!


The train's taken another focus on...

No, sto--- 

Armored Train "Dododooon."

No, you can't do that.


Uh... Aw....

M-my Aoba troop...

Now there's just two of them left...?
That was such a quick kill...

You stupid train... I won't forgive what you've done to them!
Don't expect any mercy from me now.

Aoba "There!"

In other words, 'This is for my dead fellows!'

Horray, eight down, and just two more to go!!

Enemy "Take this!"

......What the?

Aoba "Hyaaah!"

Hold on a second, please.


It was an ordinary Human Tank that just killed the Aoba, not the armored train.
Dammit, I was too focused on the train to pay any attention to the rest.
But I can't afford to annihilate the enemy units other than the train right now!
The enemy is the armored train, and that's it! Just two more blocks and it'll go down!

I'm not thinking of winning the battle in a cool way anymore.
Even though I can't tell if the Pochi will be of any help, I'll advance her.

I'll do whatever I can for victory.
I'm advancing Heshiko too.
She's the only command tank on my side, hence her death means my defeat.
Even so, I don't even mind risking that!

Enemy Unit "There!"

S-so close!
That shot almost killed my last Aoba.

On the other hand, it has been confirmed that she hasn't been discovered yet.
All right then, Aoba, charge to the train!

She charged...
But she can't reach either of the blocks...

You can't do over once you've moved a unit.
All she can do is just wait.

Do nothing but advance! The target is the armored train!

I can't reach any of the train's live blocks.
That leaves me only one option: get around above the train.
I beg you, armored train, don't attack me while I'm doing that.

Oh god! You scared the shit out of me!
Never expected to encounter a Human Tank here.
But it's my Aoba's turn now.

Yes! I took her down!
Whoever stands before my Aoba is dead meat.

The train started moving. This is bad.

I can't come around behind it.

The Aoba can't attack the train from this position.
I'll advance the Pochi.

No, she can't make it either!
You useless tank!

Enemy unit "Launching!"
=> Pochi "Tawaba!"
=> *Kabooom*!

The Pochi instantly got killed.
Again, you useless tank!!

~From here on, imagine that ending song by Miyuki Nakajima playing in the background for the rest of this report.
     Fruitbat note: Youtube link

---Luu lulu luu luluu

---My last Aoba got taken down...

---The Aoba troop has all left the stage.

---And she's left alone.

---Nonetheless, she doesn't give up.

What's on her mind is...
"Just one more attack... Just one more..."

---But it happens so suddenly.

---Luu lulu luu lulu

---Luu lulu lulu lululu lulu

---Luu lulu luu lulu... (fading out)

Oh my god, I lost...
Despite it being still the early parts of the game. Despite it still being just episode 3.
To begin with---
Isn't that armored train too mean?
I thought I'd be able to take it down if I shot it five times because it had five faces on it.
But ten times? How unfair!

Choko "We're all beaten up..."
I heard Choko's voice...

I was almost there.

Game over.
Ahh, dammit! I was so frigging close!

Look, there's even a game over ending video.
Gosh, I feel so sad.

Back to the title screen.
Oh no, the tears... can't stop the tears...

Because of the defeat, I'll be playing episode 3 again in the next installation of the guide.