Unit Unit Types
'Human Tanks' fight the war on behalf of humans.
You can use your supplies to assemble them. Also, you can develop new models of Human tanks by combining supplies with tanks you already possess. Basically they are disposable.

Flow Flow of the Game
You can learn what the game is all about here.

Preparation Battle Preparation
The Battle Preparation screen appears right before you move out to the battle. In here, you can assemble tanks, equip them with modules or deploy them on the battlefield.

Tactics Combat Phase
Command your Human Tanks and annihilate the enemy troop.

Intermission Intermission Phase
Before you proceed to the next episode, you can check the Human Tanks and modules that you own here. You may also develop and assemble them here in preparation for the next battle.

System System Screen
Here you can save/load your game, change text speed, or turn the scenario-skipping function on/off. You can get this screen by right-clicking at any time while playing the game.

Let's Play
These are a series of guides written in a "Let's Play" format where one of the original developers of the game pretends to be playing the game for the first time.