System screen

During gameplay, you can open the System screen by clicking on the System button, ESC Key or right mouse button. In the System screen you can save or load your game and change many settings. You can also access other options from the pop-up menu on top of the screen.

1. Save
Save the state of your game to continue playing at a later time.

2. Load
Continue a game that you have saved earlier.

3. Pause
The quicksave option Pause has a separate save slot. You can load this game from the main menu with the "Continue" option.

4. Route
The map that shows the current status of the invasion will appear when you click on the Route button in the System screen. You can see how much of the land you've conquered so far and how much is left.

5. Title Screen
Ends this play session and exits to the main menu.

6. Quit Game
Closes the game and exits to the operating system.

7. Close
Closes the System Config screen and resumes the game.

8. Text Speed
Allows you to set the speed at which dialogue texts appear on the screen. "No Wait" makes them appear instantly.

9. Movie
Turn movies on/off.

10. Battle Speed
The speed at which all units gets their turns in battle. Set it at a pace that serves you best to keep control over the real time combat.

11. Battle Animation
Turn the combat animations on/off.

12. Scenario Skip
Setting this option to "On" will give you a choice to skip story sequences that you have seen once before. "Auto" will skip them automatically.

Pull-down menu

At the top of the screen you will find a panel with pull-down menus including many options such as volume and screen mode settings. If you are playing in full-screen mode, this panel is hidden by default and will appear if you hover your mouse over the top of the screen.

System screen, Cancel
ESC, Right mouse button
Next dialogue
Enter, Left mouse button, Mouse wheel down
Scenario Skip Auto Mode ON/OFF
Scenario Skip Fast forward ON/OFF
Scenario Skip & Animation Skip (Battle)
Ctrl (while pressed)
User interface ON/OFF
Scenario Log
Open Scenario Log
Page Up, Page Down, Mouse wheel up
Browse log up, one page
Page Up, Left arrow
Browse log down, one page
Page Down, Right arrow
Browse log up, one line
Up arrow, Mouse wheel up
Browse log down, one line
Down arrow, Mouse wheel down
Close Scenario Log
Space, Right mouse button