Intermission Phase

After each episode ends, you move to the Intermission screen before the next episode begins.
During Intermission you may check the status of your units, develop new tanks and modules, assemble them and discard them.
If you lack supplies to develop or assemble what you want, you are advised to earn them via Free Battle.

Unit Information

You can learn about the Human Tanks and modules that you own.
You can also equip tanks with modules for the next battle.
You're advised to assemble or discard tanks so that you have enough of them.


You can develop Human Tanks and modules here.
Aside from supplies, Human Tanks or modules are occasionally required for development.
However, the tanks and modules that have been used for development will vanish.
The tanks or modules that have been developed will be available for production before the battle in the next episode.


You can assemble Human Tanks or modules by spending supplies.
The stronger the tank or module you want to assemble, the more supplies get consumed.
Assembly will be done in a blink of an eye, so you can also do this from Preparation Room before next battle.


In case you lack supplies, you are advised to discard the tanks that you no longer need.
Human Tanks are happy to be discarded and turned into supplies.
Discard is also done in a blink of an eye, so you'll get the supplies right away.