Combat Phase

In the Combat Phase, you command your Human Tanks into victory or glorious death. The battle comes to an end when you fulfill any of the victory or defeat conditions.

Choosing Unit
You can command your units deployed on the battlefield when they have the 'CONNECT' icon on them. If there are no units displaying the icon, you have to wait until one of them becomes active. 'Transmission Speed' decides how fast a unit becomes connected. When you click on a connected unit, the command buttons such as 'Move' or 'Attack' will be available.

Command: Move
This command has a unit move. Be very careful as the order cannot be rescinded once given.
Also, your unit cannot reach its intended destination if there an enemy unit hidden in an 'UNKNOWN' block on its path, nor can it pass through friendly units.

Command: Attack
This command has your unit attack an enemy unit within its firing range. You may also attack your other units or enemy tanks that might be hiding in 'UNKNOWN' blocks. You can't tell which 'UNKNOWN' block an enemy unit is hiding in. It's a valid strategy to make a wild guess and attack an 'UNKNOWN' block. If you want to destroy more enemy units quickly, develop your units so they have wider firing area.

Command: Recon
This command allows you to find out if there's an enemy tank hidden in an 'UNKNOWN' block. The basic fighting method for this game is: Recon => Seek out the enemy => Destroy.

Learn Enemy Units' Abilities and Predict How They'll Move!
The enemy unit is fighting under the same conditions as Shoutaro's. Once you've discovered an enemy tank, click on it and check its sight range. You can figure out whether it's already discovered any of your tanks. Enemy will attack any of your units as soon as they are discovered. If you get to attack an enemy unit outside of its sight range, you'll destroy it without it noticing you.

Command: Standby
This command has a unit wait until the next time the 'CONNECT' icon shows up.

Command: Intercept
Around the middle stages of the game, the Interceptor unit becomes available. It has the 'Intercept' command instead of the 'Attack' command. This command allows you to shoot down enemy missiles. Click on the command and you'll decide which blocks to cover. You'll be pretty thrilled when the command works.

Special Weapons
Certain modules allow your units to use special weapons, whose command buttons appears above the command panel. Since most of the modules with special weapons are single-use, it's best to save them for extreme situations.

Victory and Defeat
When you win a battle, you'll gain 'Supplies' whose amount depends on the number of enemy destroyed and how fast you have ended the battle. Destroy as many enemy tanks as you can so that you'll have an advantage in the following battle. Defeat generally means game over, but some of the episodes still continue even if you have lost the battles in them. And in those cases, you'll also gain supplies as upon winning the battle. Note: Storyline can change according to the battle results.