Battle Preparation

The Battle Preparation screen allows you to assemble tanks and modules, and equip those modules to your Human Tanks. Once your preparations are finished, you can deploy your tanks on the field of battle and move out. Try to balance your tanks well, because you can deploy only a limited number in each map.

1. All Available Units
The types and number of the units you currently control.

2. Deployed Units
The types and number of units you have deployed for the impending battle.

3. Operation Start Time/Operation Time Limit
The battle automatically ends once the time limit has been reached.

4. Victory Condition/Defeat Condition
Victory/defeat conditions vary for each battle. For example, if the victory condition is 'Annihilate the entire enemy unit', you'll have to accomplish it by the time limit, so you may want to deploy units with high transmission speed.

5. Staff Officer's Suggestion
Satou gives you suggestions considering battle strategies. It could be a good idea to heed her advice considering what type of tanks to deploy.

6. Supplies
The amount of supplies that you currently own. They are spent assembling tanks and such.

7. Menu

Choose tanks to deploy on the field of battle. You can equip them with modules here as well.
You can check the position of tanks you have deployed here. Select a tank and click outside the deploy area to recall it.
Here you can invest supplies to assemble tanks or modules.
You can gain supplies by discarding tanks or modules.
Summons the System screen.
Begins the next battle.