Unit types

'Human Tanks' fight in the war on behalf of human beings. You can assemble them by consuming materials. Also, you can develop new models of them by combining materials and tanks you already possess. Basically they are disposable.

Command Tank

The only type of tank that is capable of communicating with the outside of the battlefield. A human commander uses this tank type to command other types of Human Tanks. In other words, if your Command Tank(s) get destroyed, you lose the battle.

Empire of Japon He-04 Type 4 Command Tank Chitose Kingdom of Japon KA6 Type 6 Command Tank Leggings

Shock Tank

This type of tank self-destructs using hand-grenades and the like. Shock Tanks are recommended for scouting because of their high maneuverability. Naturally she too dies when taking out an enemy with her self-destruct attack.

Empire of Japon I-01b Type 1 Shock Tank Pochi Kingdom of Japon KB1 All-Purpose Shock Tank Piko-Piko

Assault Tank

This type of tank uses assault rifles to attack. She moves fast and has a decent firing range. She's capable of playing a vital role in battles.

Empire of Japon To-09f Type 9 Assault Tank Asahi Kingdom of Japon KC7 Type 7 Assault Tank Cookie

Battery Tank

This type of tank uses an anti-aircraft gun or missile launcher to fire at distant enemies. Her shooting range is so wide that she can pick an enemy tank off as soon as it has been detected. Then again, her mobility is very low, and her shot can be intercepted.

Empire of Japon Ro-02 Type 2 Wide-Range Battery Kana Kingdom of Japon LL9 Type 9 Anti-Tank Missile L TRo-01x Infinite-Range Battery Masamune

Scout Tank

This type of tank is customized for seeking out hidden enemy tanks. She can reveal their position by using the 'Recon' command. However, her attack ability is so poor that it's highly unlikely she'll ever return alive from a scouting mission.

Empire of Japon Ru-03 Type 3 Scout Unit Mike Kingdom of Japon M6A Hachiouji Antenna Yako

Interceptor Tank

This type of tank is capable of intercepting incoming missiles. She destroys long-range missiles when they enter the area she covers. Use her to protect your command tanks. This type of tank is very rare on the field because the intercepting functionality is technologically sophisticated.

Empire of Japon Yo-00c Type 0 Prototype Interceptor Natsumero Kingdom of Japon KE2 Type 2 Anti-Air Missile Ice

Samurai Tank & Knight Tank

These types of tanks are specialized in melee combat using a katana or a sword. They move quickly and travel far with no particular weak points. Make the most of their high performance and pick out one enemy tank after another.

Empire of Japon I-90c Production Model Samurai Sekigahara Kingdom of Japon KS1 Type 1 Knight Tank Milua

As long as the war goes on, new types of Human Tanks will keep being created.