Job posting: Game Developer (C++)

We're looking for a programmer to assist in the development of 100% Orange Juice - adding new features, improving design, etc. You should have good visual sense and an eye for game design.

The job will be part-time to begin with, but we are looking for a permanent addition to the team.

Required skills:

Bonus points for:

If you love 100% Orange Juice, or Japanese games in general, and have the skill set we seek, this is the job for you.

We offer an opportunity to work in game development in a friendly environment with a team that's passionate about high quality game experiences. You will have an opportunity to work on the most popular Japanese board game on Steam, and your work will be enjoyed by thousands of people. Your voice will be heard when it comes to content and design decisions. Your work hours will be flexible, and you can work from anywhere in the world, when it best works out for you.

If you are interested, contact us at with a free-form resume. A possible interview will be held on our Discord server, so include your Discord username in the application.
You can ask PhleBuster on Discord for more details if you have any questions.