Welcome to the home of Fruitbat Factory. Our mission is to let everyone enjoy the best Japanese games in English. Our games are available from the world's leading digital download providers. We hope you'll find a game you like here. Enjoy your stay.

About Fruitbat Factory

Fruitbat Factory is a joint venture between translation veterans aiming to bring interesting, innovative and fun games to players all around the world.

For all questions and comments regarding our games, you can contact us at support@fruitbatfactory.com.

Team Members

Jakke Elonen

Founding Partner, Project and Editing Lead

Ozhan Sen

Founding Partner, Graphics and Marketing Lead

Yoshifumi Ishii

Translation, Japanese Relations

Tony Blomqvist

Lead Programmer

Kyle Combs


Yulay Devlet

Senior Art Designer


Art Designer

Justin "Ikuse" Khar

Art Designer

Haris Akbar

QA Lead

Cesar Oliver

Junior Programmer

Paulo "Blue Link" Naressi

Junior Programmer


Junior Programmer

Raphael Sampaio

Junior Programmer

Francisco Lázaro

Junior Programmer

Damian Wyszolmirski

Junior Programmer

Yoran Heling