01 – What are the positions of Jun and Shizuku as Disobeyers?

Pops, we came to play with you. We came to play. Oh, you kids are here to avenge all those defeats from last time? I won all those games back then. You were too good at it, so no more red light, green light. You end the games real quick. Hehe, I gave it my all that time. I turned around so quick, my neck still hurts even now. We should do something else today. I wanna play Othello. I practiced with big brother. Interesting. You're challenging me, the one who was called the roughneck in the world of Othello? Nishishi, you don't need to pull any punches for us. Hehe. I'll teach you kids a good lesson. Let's do our best, Jun. You kids wait here for a moment. I'll go get a set from the toy store two doors away. *Fifteen Minutes Later* Grade schooler these days...... Their levels are so high. Nishishi. It's all white. ......And I've also been burned to white. I wonder who described himself as the roughneck... Of the world of Othello? Ah, speaking of which, there's something I want you to help with, Jun (a casual change of subject). Do you think you'll be able to join an investigation with Junior this Saturday? With Bro? ............ Shizuku. Like I always say, you don't need to be that worried. But... Shizuku... It won't be anything dangerous, I promise. He'll be with Junior, so it's definitely safe. Okay... But I wish I could go along with Jun too. If you keep doing well, you'll be assigned some jobs in the near future. Be patient until then. ...Okay. Working with Shizuku... That'd be a little troubling. How so? Because when she's by my side, I'll be watching her instead of the Variant, and I can't get any investigating done, right? Ju-Jun. Again, grade schoolers these days... Their levels are so high. Jun already works on easy jobs, while Shizuku has not yet started.
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