In this broadcasting program, we answer or give hints to fans' questions in the form of dialogue by characters from the game.

*This program will be updated on an irregular basis when we receive a question.
*Please note that every dialogue in this program takes place after the main story of Magical Eyes - Red is for Anguish.

No. 09

Everyone's likes and dislikes (Azuma)


No. 08

Everyone's likes and dislikes (Pops)


No. 07

Everyone's likes and dislikes (Nanashi)


No. 06

Everyone's likes and dislikes (Suzunari)


No. 05

Everyone's likes and dislikes (Yuu)


No. 04

Are there any regulars at Pops's shop?


No. 03

How much does Chiharu know about Yuu?


No. 02

What does Nanashi, the devil of money, spend his money on?


No. 01

What are the positions of Jun and Shizuku as Disobeyers?




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