02 – What does Nanashi, the devil of money, spend his money on?

Thank you for using my shop all the time. You helped me a lot again. I'm pretty sure Marron will like it. My pleasure, because you and Kuri are such cash co-... I mean, ones of my best customers. I'm always ready to be of help to you two. You didn't need to correct yourself. You never fail to give us something worth its price. In that case, I'll call you two Cashnari and Money. To be honest, that's what I call you two in my mind, already~. Wait, mine still reminds of my original name, but Maron is money itself!? Oh boy... Money is such a good thing. Just saying the word tugs on my heartstrings. There's something I've been wondering about. What do you use all your money for? That interests me too. What the!? Don't show yourself up out of the blue... Did you just use your power in here? Well, that's not important now. Let's focus on Nanashi's answer. You two want to know what I spend my money on? Yes. If you don't mind, we'd like to know. I don't mind at all, because I spend most of it to run the shop. Eh, seriously!? Don't you put it all into your pocket? *Sigh*. Cashnari, what kind of person do you take me for? Don't call me that casually. Allow me to confirm something. The Disobeyers pay for all the costs required for your managing your stock, don't they? Yes, they do. What part of your business do you spend that amount of money on, exactly? Purchasing products other than Material Variants... and networking. What do you mean by 'networking'? My shop offers peculiar products, so expert knowledge on each of them is a must. Like, a fine arts expert? More specifically, an ink painting expert. And, if necessary, an ink brush expert or an ink expert. I'm impressed that you're doing a lot to keep your business well-run. I thought you were just a miser... Hehehe, I think it's too early for you to be impressed, Suzunari. ? Nanashi, all those Material Variants you have in the backyard, I know you're not willing to sell them, but do you insist that they're part of the stock too? ...Well, they're rewards for my hard work. Most of his money seems to go toward paying the shop's upkeep and his own collection.
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