Magical Eyes is an adventure visual novel. Basically, you progress forward by left-clicking your mouse.

In this part of the page, besides using Left Mouse clicks, we will show you how to play the game more comfortably.

[Left Mouse / Enter]
Press on buttons or progress the story. You can also use Mouse Wheel Down to progress the story.
[Right Mouse / ESC]
Open the System Menu. In the System Menu, you can Save / Load games, or open the Config screen where you can configure the text displaying speed and the sounds volumes. You can also see the Flow Chart and Magipedia that will be explained late on this page. If you want to exit the game or to return to the title screen, you can do those from this menu too.
[Mouse Wheel Up]
Read the message log. This is helpful in case you accidently skip sentences or want to them again.
Skip texts. By default, only skips previously read text. You can switch this to all text in the Config screen.
Hide the message box. It allows you to study background images or event CGs. To redisplay the box, press on Space, Enter or Left Mouse.
When the System menu is displayed, the first thing you see is the Flow Chart. The Flow Chart allows you to learn each character's actions or events that occurred to them in chronological order.

The blue points indicate past events, while the golden one indicates an ongoing one. Hovering the mouse cursor over one of the blue points, you can read a synopsis of the event.
One Flow Chart covers a whole day. A new page is created as the date changes. You can switch to older / newer Flow Charts by pressing either of the arrow buttons at both ends of the chart.
Magical Eyes has two main types of text screen; "Adventure Mode" and "Novel Mode". "Adventure mode" is the one more commonly used, while the game occasionally switches to "Novel Mode" during events.

In adventure mode, texts appear in the bottom part of the window, and the date and place are indicated at the upper left. In novel mode, texts are displayed across the whole screen.
When switching to the first person or adventure mode, a cut-in graphic is inserted, indicating which character's view the upcoming bit of the story is from. The character's avatar can be seen at the upper right of the screen throughout the scene.
As the story unfolds, you sometimes come across a blue-colored word and see a pop-up of the word at the upper right of the screen. Those that pop up with a book icon are called Dictionary Words and you can see their definitions or descriptions by clicking on the blue-colored words.

Every dictionary word gets registered in Magipedia as it appears. If you accidently let a blued-colored word pass, you can check the word from Index in the System Menu whenever you want.
Occasionally, you reach a point where you must contemplate the incident using keywords acquired up to that point.

Now and then, in the story, a word pops up accompanied by the key icon. They are called Keywords and are used for the Reasoning Mode.

[Reasoning Mode Main Screen]
The list of questions that you need to answer. Clicking on one of them takes you to the list of possible answers to the question.
[List of Possible Answers (Keywords)]
All the related Keywords that have been acquired so far are lined up here. You are supposed to choose one of them as your answer. You can change your answer until you finish reasoning mode.
[End of Reasoning Mode]
Once you've chosen answers to all the questions, this button shows up. Click on it to end Reasoning Mode.

After Reasoning Mode, you can see your score. Whatever score you get, it doesn't influence the rest of the story. However, higher scores unlock extra scenarios or add new items to SPECIAL menu, which you can access from the title screen.
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