06 - Everyone's likes and dislikes (Suzunari)

Look, it's the gorgeous guy! Gorgeous guy! It's the grade schooler couple. I never expected to see you two at a place like this. Nishishi, lucky us. Really. Lucky how? We're trying to question people we know for a survey right now. We have a couple of questions for you. (Is this some new game they came up with, or what?) Where's the cool lady? Are you on your own? Nope. We're on a date. I'm just being left alone for now... *Sigh*. That Marron-chan... She's such a criminal. Just a 10-minute-long separation from her is making me feel this lonely. Don't you agree? Can we ask you something? ...You guys splendidly ignored my own question. We're asking people about their likes and dislikes. That's what we're doing. What are you dislikes? Huh? You wanna know what I like and don't like, right? Then you should ask what I like fir- We already know what that is. It's the cool lady, isn't it? Oh boy, my love for her is radiating of me so much that even grade schoolers can notice. It's not radiating out of you, You're actually saying it. You only talk about the cool lady. Yeah, he does. He hardly ever talks about anything else. He doesn't. Well, because I'm living my life just thinking of her. So... What I hate, well, more like what I suck at handling is Marron's tears. Ah, I'm fine with her tears of joy, of course. But I can't even stand imagining her shedding tears... Just doing so breaks my heart. ...Hey, Shizuku. ...Yes, Jun. When she looks sad, I feel like the entire sky is covered by thick clouds and... Let's go somewhere else, shall we? Sure, Jun. Well, now that he's gone crazy, please to try to figure out his tastes yourself.
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