05 - Everyone's likes and dislikes (Yuu)

Look, I have a question for you two... Is there anything Amakawa doesn't like? Things... He doesn't like? He never mentions anything like that when I talk to him at school. Instead, he's always tells me about things he likes or finds amusing. Mhmm... Stuff he doesn't like. What about food? We've never seen him leave food on his plate, right? No. (So there's no food he hates... All right.) Ah, maybe everything Pops cooks. But, Jun, everybody says that. Yeah, true. Who's Pops? Pops runs a ramen shop. They're famous for their horrible dishes. My brother and mom tell us not to eat anything there. T-that ramen shop must be rather bad, then... Ah! ? Look, Jun. I think he doesn't like rain. Ah, you're right! Rain? At work, rain makes him go like "Ugh". It does. (He's never even mentioned that... Does he have some bad memories about it?) You two know why he hates it? Of course. Sis, you know he does job-like stuff? Yes. I know he has some kind of job. Rain lowers his physical performance outside and clouds his vision. That's why he hates it. He also said it makes it hard to catch sounds. (I see. That's a very rational reason, Amakawa.) (But I find that part of him cute too.) ...Shizuku, why do you think Sis is smirking after she's learned what Bro hates? ...I wonder why, too. Fufufu. Yuu hates rain. What are his likes? Find them out in the game.
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