09 - Everyone's likes and dislikes (Azuma)

Man, can't find the glasses guy. Or the Doll Lady. He always shows up out of the blue when he needs us. But we can't find him when we need him. He was like, "Hehehe, the Intelligent Department is supposed to be elusive". Jun, you sound just like him! I spy two kids who seem troubled. What's bothering you guys? Lucky us, we got the cop guy. Hello. Oh, so you guys really are in trouble? Nishishi, the trouble is gone, now that we met you. It's gone. What's that supposed to mean? We have some questions for everyone we know, and we've been looking for the next person to ask. We would like to have some of your time, please. I see. It's part of the police's job to be loved by civilians. Count me in. By the way, it's not because I can slack off by talking to you. Will you tell us your likes and dislikes? ...That is a very tough question. How so? It's real easy. Let me ask you instead. You two like dogs? I love 'em. We're very close to Marie. How about elephants? They're huge and cool! I like them because they look kind. Okay. Here's an interesting fact about elephants: their noses are incredibly useful. They can smell even a pond from kilometers away. I mean, who can smell water even a couple of meters away? That's amazing! You know so much about animals! Yeah, if you have a question about animals, just find me. It'll be even better if you do that during working hours. Alright! I think I'll go back to work now. You two stay away from danger, okay? See you. Bye! ...Hold on a second. Ah, he didn't answer our question! Unknown because Azuma tactically avoided answering.
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