08 - Everyone's likes and dislikes (Pops)

And that's what I heard from Nanashi. I know about that too. They asked Suzunari and Kuri the same thing. I don't know what got them started, but they're really into it now. Kukuku, who would refuse to answer those two? You're not an exception, are you? Definitely not, I like them. Same here. I'm well aware of how much you adore them. Hehe, you could say that. But there's something I don't get... What is it? Those love birds and Nanashi live in the Central Ward, don't they? They do. Why did Jun and Shizuku visit them before me and haven't come to me yet? No matter which public transportation they used to visit them, they must've come near my shop here. ...Hmm. Are you sure you'd like me to answer that question? No, forget I ever asked. I kind of have a feeling why... I'm guessing they have no interest in your private life. I told you to forget it! Take it easy. Let me ask you the question on their behalf. Huh? Is this guy pitying me? So, what is it you like? Say something other than cooking, because it's way too obvious. I'm forbidden to mention cooking... Like an angel whose wings have been ripped off. You should take care what comes out of your mouth. Angels might sue you for slander. I like having a glass of booze after work and... watching young people having fun. I didn't know you drank alcohol. I only drink at home, since I can't let alcohol interfere with my work. I literally only drink one glass. I don't think you need to be worried about that. I've actually never seen you drunk. I was a bit of a mess when I was younger, but I have my position right now, so. I feel for you. Thanks. Okay, now tell me what you don't like. It's not because I'm a cook, but I can't stand people who don't respect food. Hmm... To be honest, I can't accept it as a fact that you're a cook. Will you just accept it!? Pops likes having a glass of alcohol after work and he dislikes people who waste food.
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