04 - Are there any regulars at Pops's shop?

Pops... I've wanted to ask this for a while, but aren't you feeling depressed? Depressed over what? Nobody eats your dishes no matter how much you cook, right? That's not true. We do have regulars. *Sigh* Regulars? ... Are you so depressed that you're seeing things now? It's for real! Stop giving me that "poor you" look!! He's not lying, Suzunari. ...For real? Yes, surprisingly. It's not something to be surprised by. People have their own tastes. I don't think it's a matter of taste, since your dishes make people faint. W-well, the number of my regulars is not that big, to be honest, but I'm pretty sure that's because I'm a forerunner of an era. Mhm. If you look at what he cooks as tools to harden your mind and innards, then they do have their value. Why would anyone voluntarily eat at this shop? They're such masochists. Hehe, you shouldn't be so jelly just because your immature sense of taste can't understand the greatness of my dishes. If that's the case, I don't mind having that immature sense of taste for the rest of my life. I heard about those regulars, but how many are there exactly? Well, at least 5 people frequent here. ...Like once a year? You can't call that a regular. Once a month, then? A couple of times a week. One of them comes here every other day. Hey, you bastard! Are you trying to kill that guy! Eh, why're you shouting at me? You know, no bugs have appeared in this shop even once, right? Now that you mention it, I've never even seen a mosquito or a fly in here... That's insane. This place has got to be giving out something that living things keep away from. That's because I keep it clean! As a matter of fact, it's one of your bosses who comes by every other day. Is it the district leader? Yeah. I'm disappointed in you, Pops. What do you have on him? I've got nothing on him. He just loves what I serve. I bumped into him half a year ago and noticed him looking pale. This explains it. I'm going to recommend him to take a complete medical checkup. Surprisingly, there seem to be several regulars.
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