03 - How much does Chiharu know about Yuu?

Eh! Are you sure Amakawa said yes!? He was like, "Because I need to do something for her in return for what she did for you two". Though we realized that wasn't the reason. We realized it wasn't. How so? Because he was totally smirking when he said that. I'm pretty sure he just used us as an excuse. He just wants to hang out with you. I-I don't think that's true. Yes, it is. The next day after we talked to him about it, he went out to buy new clothes. He usually never does that. (Too easy... You're too easy, Amakawa.) (But if that's really true, I'm so happy...) Okay... If he did that, I'm going to have to choose a wonderful dress too. So, are you free next Sunday? Will we hang out next Sunday? I'm fine, but I need more time to prepare myself. Hm? Prepare yourself for what? All we're gonna do is hanging out. But it's much more than that for you, right, Sis? Oh, you understand? I do! ??? So, when and where do we meet up? Bro said he'd talk to you about it at school. Okay... Got it. He said we'll meet up after lunch and go home by dinner. I wish we could spend the whole day together... Fufu, me too. But I know he can't do that. ............ ...Sis, how much you know about him? Jun? Um, you mean his favorite things, or what kind of person he is? No, I mean the other side of him. Well... I think I know a fair bit. There should be a whole lot more I don't know about, though. Okay. Is that so? Yes, it is. Apparently she knows a fair bit.
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