Identifying Foes

To vanquish your enemies, make the best of the five Gems embedded in the sword.

Sword with the Gems

The bars of each Gem will fill with each attack and defense. Their related abilities can be used once they are full.


Enemies are Tsukumogami, unruly spirits into which object on their 100th birthday turn into.
Until you discover their true form, your attacks cannot hurt them.
Use the powers of the first two Gems to identify them.

Soul Split (Gem 1)

The first Gem allows you to draw a word or characters out of the enemy.
Use those hints to puzzle out the true form of the enemy.

Soul Bind (Gem 2)

The second Gem allows you to call out the enemy's true form.
Type the answer directly with your keyboard, use the in-game keyboard or Spirit Index to answer quicker.

If your answer is correct...