Soul Discard (Gem 3)

By filling up the third Gem’s gauge and activating its ability, you may capture the Tsukumogami you are facing.
There are nearly a hundred different Tsukumogami in the game.

Enshrine Soul (Gem 4)/Soul Equip (Gem 5)

A captured Tsukumogami acquires experience points after defeating an enemy, and you'll become able to use the skills that they possess.
There are over a hundred skills for the player to acquire, including attack, support and recovery type skills.

Reinforcing Gems

From a certain point, you'll be allowed to strengthen the Gems to enrich your experience.
You can boost the Gems' fill rate in combat, or add special abilities to the Gems.

Special Ability Bonus

You are able to keep a maximum of five captured Tsukumogami.
If you acquire a sixth one, the first one you captured will disappear.
You can enjoy special bonuses upon satisfying certain requirements, such as arranging the five Tsukumogami in a certain order or capturing Tsukumogami of the same type.