• Preface
  • System Requirements & Installation Guide
  • Introduction
  • Root Console (Main Menu)
  • Game System
  • Battle System
  • Orchids (Characters)
  • Contact & FAQ
  • Known Issues
  • Root Console (Main Menu)


    Enjoy dialogues between Orchids (characters). You are only allowed to play as Shaty. Pausing is disabled during channeling.


    Complete missions assigned. As some of them are extremely difficult, you are advised to start with ones that match your skill level. If you are a total beginner, this mode is perfect for you because it also offers missions that teach the basic controls or that make good practice for channeling. If you cannot clear a particular mission, it may be a good idea to play as a different Orchid.

    vs CPU

    Play against CPU. There are five different CPU levels available: Zako, Weak, Normal, Strong, and Akashic. Zako means the weakest, and Akashic the strongest.

    vs Local

    Play local multiplayer.

    vs Championship

    Play local multiplayer with a special rule: Choose 3 different Orchids and play as each of them in turn. The key to victory is picking Orchids you have the hang of.


    Change the screen resolution, the audio volumes, or the key mapping.


    Exit the game.